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I'm passionate about creating and hosting websites with a special interest in mobile optimization. The first thing people do if they're interested in something, whether it's a product or your business, is Google it. Your first impression is key, and that impression will likely be made on a smartphone browser shortly after you hand someone your business card.

Desktops, on the other hand, provide better graphics and processors that allow you to create a website which will captivate your visitors and draw them in. Larger screen real estate means more creativity is possible to reach clients.

Whether your goal is to simply have a web presence or host a full scale project, I provide consultation and help people meet their goals.

I use jQuery alongside CSS3 transformations to provide simple but elegant effects that are smooth and captivating without being obtrusive. Django provides my backend, allowing me to organize light projects efficiently or create a full scale project with ease. I've built a mail server before using dovecot and roundcube which, while I presently do not maintain it, allows me greater flexibility with mail and SMTP services.

But those are simply my tools of preference. I've worked on websites that utilized Ruby on Rails, and I've worked on websites that mostly used sh scripts (cringe). I've stored data using CSV, sqlite, MySQL, and the tail end of .gifs. Having been interested in programming since Mac OS 9, I've gathered an assortment of knowledge that allows me to pick the right tool for the job instead of attempting to force a clunky solution out of the ones with which I'm simply comfortable.

When I was 9(ish), I found out how to write a simple program that alerted my parents our computer's hard drive had been "wiped" by the FBI. Shortly afterwards, I got a MySpace like a cool 90's kid and was determined to find some mad CSS that would make it the bomb dot com. And from those humble beginnings, a developer was born.

At the same time, I was involved with a Boy Scouts-esque group called Pathfinders. We went camping often, played war games like capture the flag, and my affinity for the outdoors remains as intact as my love for the Oxford comma. My favorite pasttime is to start hiking a mountain about an hour and a half before sunset, set up my hammock about 15 minutes before its time, and then chill watching the sky change colors.

I have a collection of projects and webapps I made that I'm in the process of porting from Apache's mod_python to Django apps. For now, check out my latest project and stay tuned with it!

Have questions about a website? Want to go hiking? Or if you just feel like saying hey, feel free to send me a message!